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Reading Kit Review

Use these fun items to help you practice your reading the week of June 1-5! Send me pics of what you are reading!

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WW Unit 4 Session 12 Writers Show Not Tell

Writers use the strategy of Show Not Tell to add tiny details to their stories.

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This or That Stuffed Animal Edition K-2

Follow along to this weeks video. Try your best and have fun! Pause the video if you need to take a break!

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Calendar 4:23:20

Calendar and morning meeting activities

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Pet Portraits. Part 1

Art project for the week of April 6-10, 2020. Pet Portraits Part 1: Introduces the project and discusses two inspirational artists with differing approaches to this idea.

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QSI AIS Monday, March 30 Secondary Announcements

QSI AIS Monday, March 30 Secondary Announcements distance learning expectations distance learning tip: interact

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