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The Koala Who Could

Read aloud: The Koala Who Could Written by: Rachel Bright Illustrated by:Jim Field

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The Koala Who Could I By Rachel Bright Jim Field I Jana's Bananas Storytime I Read Aloud Book

***100 SUBSCRIBERS VIDEO*** A first grade teacher reads you... The Koala Who Could By: Rachel Bright Jim Field . Koala Craft…

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“Wild Babies” Read Aloud

By Seymour Simon Non-fiction thinking jobs: 1. What is this mostly about? (Main idea)2. What is this teaching me? (Details) 3. What is the author’s point of view? (Author’s option on…

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The Koala Who Could written by Rachel Bright and illustrated by Jim Field

"The Koala Who Could" written by Rachel Bright and illustrated by Jim Field is a cute fictional story about a koala that liked things the same day in and day out and he was afraid to try…

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Title Page Writing

This is an introduction to nonfiction writing.

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