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el restaurante

Review dinner foods and order dinner at a restaurant.

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Marshall Elementary Teacher Appreciation 2020

Ms. Tate, Principal of Marshall Elementary, along with students representing the MES family express gratitude to the teachers and assistants who make life at MES bright & wonderful! Teachers, you…

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Rhyme Time- Cat, Mop, Bat, Clap, Hook, Cook

Participate along with the video. When you’re done watching message me with the answer the last question and share your silly sentence. Keep up the rhyming practice. I sure do miss you!

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El cuerpo humano

Mrs. Griselda shares the activity for the week. You will be having a conversation in Spanish with someone in your household. Have fun! Diviertete!

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4/28 Announcements with Mrs. Chandler and Tyler!

It's National Superhero Day! What's your super power?

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Part2CVC Short e

Instruction on how to read CVC words and sentences with short e

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