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SOCIOLOGY AND HUMOR: What makes people laugh?

Why do some people laugh at something while other people yawn at the joke? Why do people laugh anyway - what is it that causes you to react in such a way? Today's subject is quite intriguing. …

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Writer's Workshop - Session 5, Part 1

Watch this video first to learn another tip that good writer's use when writing scenes in their fairy tales.

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Story Time: Last Stop on Market Street

Join Paris the Preschool Teacher for story time! Perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and patrons of the classics at any age. Today's story is "Last Stop on Market Street" by…

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We're All Wonders children's book read aloud by Books With Blue

We're All Wonders- By RJ Palacio Cute voice in title by my friend August Contact Info: Facebook: Please LIKE and…

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Fastest talker

Sean can recite Hamlet's To Be or Not To Be soliloquy in 23.8 seconds. What is the advantage of being able to talk so fast? Prompts a discussion about communication and how we…

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Squishy Egg Experiment

Join Cami as she learns how to make an eggshell completely disappear!

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The Fork

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RIP Moments

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Narrative Video JHS A.N.W

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Jumping Jacks

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WJCM News April 30 - Who Laughed?

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