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AMOR de La oruga muy hambrienta

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What If You Had Animal Eyes!?

Listen as I read What If You Had Animal Eyes!? by Sandra Markle. Optional Writing Activity: write about which animal eyes were your favorite.

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Reading April 1

Reading April 1 - Part 1

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Trip to my backyard!

Check out what I did during spring break in my backyard!

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La Oruga Hambrienta

Story time with Maestra!

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How to Build a Log Cabin Fire || REI

A good campout deserves a good campfire. But not every fire is made equal. Watch this video to discover how to build a fire that burns through the night. Teepee, log cabin or pyramid: Our experts…

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Budget Filmmaking: Light Your Scene with Invisible Lights

Cinematography at night can be tough. But the creative filmmaker can use budget filmmaking to light their scene with minimal lights. Sponsor: Use the coupon code FILMRIOT…

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Valley and Ridge | Regions of Georgia

This video is a part of GPB Education’s Regions of Georgia virtual field trip: The Latest From GPB Education: Give us a follow!…

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How To Draw A Cartoon Baby Chick

Learn how to draw a cute cartoon baby chick! Become an Art Club member Learn more about the art supplies we love to use…

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