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Addition Within 100 Lesson 1

Use as a guide for Math Practice Pages 5-7 for the week of 5/18/20. Try the "add the ones" strategy using number bonds and thinking of your tens and ones as part-part for 2 digit numbers!…

From  TeacherKatie on May 20th, 2020 0 likes 0 plays

Newsies - Santa Fe + prologue - Scene #1B

Eliott B is Jack and Julia McA is Crutchie - the very first scene and song in the musical. Up on the rooftop, dreaming of someplace far away...

From  Glyde King on May 17th, 2020 0 likes 23 plays

Phonemic Awareness and Blends

This is a lesson on medial sounds, rhyming, isolating sounds, and blends using our Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Book and ending with a Jack Hartman video. Enjoy!!

From  BFES_First_Grade on April 21st, 2020 0 likes 18 plays