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Doco Fin for Production

we decided to make a doco' about what went on behind the scenes in making our production... it is mammoth ! we interviewed students and teachers and it was a great insight for further…

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Morning meeting with Mrs. Hatch Episode 1

Join me in a little version of our pond time (morning meeting). We will do the flag salute, hear a story, and do the ABC leader job, practicing sounds and finding hidden sight words.

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Media Makers show #19 - Bea Dageforde

Ladue alum Bea Dageforde is a video producer in Chicago, IL. Bea has gotten her foot in the door of the media industry as a Production Assistant in music videos, television, and films. In this…

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Compose Number 8 with Ms. Ibraheem

Ms. Ibraheem shows students how to compose the number 8 using two different colors of cubes.

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Largest mechanical wings on a cosplay costume

The largest mechanical wings on a cosplay costume measure 4.26 m (13 ft 11 in). How do people create cos play costumes to bring heroes to life? Use to inspire an art session on designing or…

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Basic Video Shooting - Lighting

Proper lighting is one of the primary elements separating a poor-quality images from masterpieces. A scene without enough light or with harsh, distracting shadows or highlights is not effective in…

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Farms without Fields

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