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Petite Rouge

Here's another version of Little Red Riding Hood! Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood by Mike Artell illustrated by Jim Harris

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Social Studies Week of 4-20 Day 2

Introduction to the growth in the U.S. west, and explorers Lewis and Clark and the Louisiana Purchase. Disclaimer for online videosThe information, materials, audio and video are for educational…

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Pet Portraits. Part 1

Art project for the week of April 6-10, 2020. Pet Portraits Part 1: Introduces the project and discusses two inspirational artists with differing approaches to this idea.

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1. 4th Grade Rambin Intro

Introduction to Deciduous Woods of Rambin Louisiana. Up close with wild Azalea flowers: flower parts review, dicot classification

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BP Oil Spill 5 Years Later: Wildlife Still Suffering | msnbc

Ed Schultz continues his investigation into the Deepwater Horizon oil spill five years on, as it continues to wreak havoc on the Gulf Coast. » Subscribe to msnbc:…

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Beverly, Right Here Chapter 1

Enjoy our next read aloud "Beverly, Right Here." Remember this is Louisiana's friend from our last read aloud---Louisiana's Way Home.

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