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9/29 Class Session

This is our 9/29 review of our 2.7 homework.

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Owen Foote Week 1 Day 1 Shared Read

Shared Read Video and Directions for Independent Work

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9/9 - 7th & 8th Bible

This is our 9/9 class session

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8:27 Math Class Session

This is the recording of our 8/27 class session.

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5th Grade Lesson 2 - Calming Down

Second Steps 5th Grade Lesson 10 Unit 2 Emotion Management

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5th Grade Counseling Lesson 1 - Intro Emotion Management

Second Steps Lesson 9 Intro Emotion Management Unit 2 Emotion Management

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Managing Your Emotions

Today we’ll learn what happen when we have strong emotions and how to manage our strong emotions, so we can make better choices.

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The Gardener by Sarah Stewart (Read Aloud)

You will stop and jot your thinking during this read aloud! Make sure you have paper and pencil ready.

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Read aloud " It's Mine"

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RT Today: 3.13.20

The taped broadcast of RT Today, Middletown High School’s morning announcements, for March 13, 2020.

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