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MUSIC Gr 5 Final Video #12

This is our final lesson, reviewing our nation's anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner," its history and its etiquette. Mrs. Taweel narrates students through the Battle of Baltimore on…

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Music Grade 5 Video #3

Students will echo musical phrases to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" after reviewing its etiquette, basic musical symbols and their meaning. This lesson introduces a new meter signature…

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1st grade, 1st grade practice

Practice video for kinder graduation

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5/12 Announcements with Mrs. Wright...again!

It's National Limerick Day! I LOVE poetry, and one of the best things about limericks is that they are short and have a good beat! Share a limerick with us today!…

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Arroz Con Leche - Make your own Rhythm!

Lyrics of the song "Arroz Con Leche," to go along with "The Piñata that the Farm Maiden Hung."

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Seneca Remote Learning Supplemental 3-5 Instruction Video for April 27th-May 1st (Learn About It)

Instructional Video for "I Got the Blues" (Remote Learning Lesson for April 27th-May 1st) Listen and watch Miss Goetschius teach this lesson from her home music studio!

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QSI AIS Friday, April 24 announcements

QSI AIS Friday, April 24 announcements distance learning reminders distance learning updates challenge: Weird Al

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Decision Making Worksheet

Choose your favorite cover artist for the song, Blowing in the Wind.

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"Head, Thorax, Abdomen" Sing-along

Use this song to practice the parts of the body of a butterfly! Lyrics: Head, thorax, abdomen Head, thorax, abdomen Compound eyes, jointed legs and wings Head, thorax, abdomen Head, thorax,…

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"Butterflies Here & There" Sing-along

Use this song to learn about butterflies. Lyrics: Butterflies here, butterflies there Butterflies, butterflies everywhere Colorful butterflies searching. Beautiful butterflies flying. Hungry…

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