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RW Unit 4 Session 14 Day 2 Readers Keep Life Lessons in MInd

Readers Workshop - Readers keep life lessons in mind. They predict before they read a story and think what will this story teach me?

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WW Writers Show Not Tell Mid Workshop TP

Writers Workshop Show Not Tell Mid Workshop Teaching Point

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WW Unit 4 Session 12 Writers Show Not Tell

Writers use the strategy of Show Not Tell to add tiny details to their stories.

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Henry and Mudge and the Careful Cousin 2 Use Pics

Learning About the Main Character- Looking closely at pictures to help us understand the main character.

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Meeting Characters Read Aloud Henry and Mudge

Read Aloud- Meeting Characters - Learning about the main character Henry and Mudge

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Learning About the Main Character

Characters are the most important pasts of the story Unit 4 Session 6

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Henry and Mudge and Annie's Big Move- Retell

Henry and Mudge and Annie's Good Move is the mentos r text we are using to retell the important parts of a story. We are making the "big" parts to remind us what is important.

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