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School Lesson Videos

4th Grade School Lesson Videos

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Writer's Workshop - Session 5, Part 2

Watch the final part of the lesson here.

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Figurative Language Video

Mrs. C reviews the definitions of the types of figurative language

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MaryBethKing LifeCEB315E6-5D17-4703-A135-293D1172CF05

We are growing and life is changing. Cynthia Rylnat asks, “ what do you love?” Pay attention to the changing colors in the illustration. Notice the blue bird on the page that talks about…

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Calder/Miro Final Video 1 Joan Miro

Learn a bit about Joan Miro' and Alexander Calder's friendship. Then dive into the the artwork of Miro' in this short video. What artwork will you create that is inspired by the work…

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Locked in the Library, final chapters

The last 3 chapters of Locked in the Library

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By Bye Buy - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Homophones are different meaning words that sound exactly the same. That might seem a little tricky but I know you got the freshest brain! Create a free account on now and find…

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