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There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Shell

Beware the sweet grandma with the big mouth!!! WHY on EARTH did the old lady swallow a shell? You'll find out WHY by the end of this quirky, crazy & full-of-rhyme KidTimeStoryTime! There…

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Signing Illustrated Ch.13 p.240 No Sound

Signing Illustrated Book by Mickey Flodin chapter 13,EOC (end of chapter) page 240, a review of the answers with no voice; signed and lipped. Number 13 "surgery" lipped instead of…

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7 Basic Handshapes Voicing

A Review of the 7 basic hand shapes listed in the "Signing Illustrated" book by Mickey Flodin on page 18. The review is voiced with signing examples.

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Documentary- "More than a Mouse," Knudson Middle School

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Mickey Video

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SOR Losers

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Sharpie Wars

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