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We're All Wonders - Read by Mrs. Coleman

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The Book With No Pictures - Read by Mrs. Coleman

A book that makes adults say silly things because they HAVE to read all the words in the books. That's how books work.

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A Stone Sat Still - Read by Mrs. Coleman

Another book about having different perspectives. We all see things differently and have different perspectives at different times in our lives. Think about how others might see things

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They All Saw a Cat - read by Mrs. Coleman

A cat walks through the world and everyone sees it just a little bit differently. We all have different perspectives.

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The Little Shop of Monsters - read by Finn

This story is written by R.L. Stine and is about going to pick out your very own monster.

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The Man in the Moon - Read by Mrs. Coleman

The Man in the Moon by William Joyce is a story about how the guardians of childhood came to be.

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