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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Chapter 15 read by Ms. Dearlove and Cupsy the Chihuahua

The Chocolate Room Chapter! I would love to sit and eat from a chocolate river! Fact time: Did you know that dogs shouldn't eat chocolate? It's poisonous to them.

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Least Common Multiple part 1 Fundamentals

Least Common Multiple part 1 Fundamentals

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Lesson 3.2

Watch to learn how to use prime factorization to find the LCM and GCF of two numbers.

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12/15 Exam Review

This is the class review for our semester 1 exam

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Chapter 5 Review

Chapter 5 Review pages. This will help get you ready for the test.

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Chapter 5 Lesson 4

Chapter 5 Lesson 4 Multiply by a 2 digit number.

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