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Food descriptions Mini-Lesson with Profe

Learn new adjectives to describe how foods taste

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Myths Folktales Legends Lesson

Learn about the differences between Myths, Folktales, and Legends! Bring a pencil and paper to take notes as you learn.

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Flat Teacher Introduction

In this video, ALL the teachers help show you a fun new project based on the story Flat Stanley. Your teachers have been flattened and we are coming to your house for new adventures during this…

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Can Coach Hadfield Win?

Watch and see if Coach Hadfield can beat the clock!

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Word Problem - Lesson 15

Hi Scholars! In this video I show you one way to solve the word problem for lesson 15. If you would like to see how I solved this problem please watch.

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Red- Zones of Regulation

How are you feeling today? Let me know what you do to help you when you’re feeling angry.

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What we already know

Background knowledge for this week's assignments

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Microwave Myths

Mythbusters - Microwave Myths

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Hindenburg Disaster and Thermite

Mythbusters - The Hindenburg Thermite Paint Myth

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