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GoGuardian: Sending Websites

Demonstrates how to use GoGuardian to send websites to student Chromebooks.

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February 18, 2021 Morning Announcements

Carpenter's wonderful Assistant Principal, Mrs. Hong, co-hosts the Morning Announcements with Student Body President & Secretary, Joya & Bodhi. Today, Joya talks about her experience…

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Hebrew assessment clip 1

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Dr. Duchess Harris shares the story of Miriam Mann, her grandmother who was one of the "Hidden Human Computers" (more description to follow)

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long division

Ugh, math, am i right? But this will give you huge brainstorm. Everything will make sense!

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Coyote Video Etiquette 2020-2021

Helpful information for proper video etiquette when attending classes online. Brought to you by our 2020-2021 Renaissance Class

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