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What If I Know My Feelings

What If I Know My Feelings by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. Read by Mrs. Lambert.

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Follow the struggle of Nelson Mandella to end the practice of apartheid (segregation) in South Africa...

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Meet Your Teachers!

Watch this quick video to meet your new first grade teachers!

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Book Report, “Miss Nelson is Missing”

Instructions on how to complete the Book Report Assignment!

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Nelson Mandela, Anti-Apartheid Activist and World Leader | Biography

Discover the early life of Nelson Mandela and see what prompted him to join the African National Congress to fight apartheid. Learn about his 27 years of imprisonment and his work - and legacy - as…

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Read Aloud Tim the Tortoise

Read Aloud of Time the Tortoise, then silent page display for students to read the story back, options provided at the end to assist in practicing high frequency words attached to the story.

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Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures: Happy Earth Day

Told from the perspective of 5-year old Betsy, Betsy's Kindergarten Adventures is designed to ease a child's transition from the home setting to a school environment by generating interest…

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