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Morning meeting with Mrs. Hatch Episode 1

Join me in a little version of our pond time (morning meeting). We will do the flag salute, hear a story, and do the ABC leader job, practicing sounds and finding hidden sight words.

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Waiting Is Not Easy!

Read Aloud with writing prompt

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Do Not Eat That! - Google Slides

Quotation marks let the reader know that a character is speaking.

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My Name is Not Isabella: From Pencil to Print

Watch the progression of illustrations in My Name is Not Isabella by Jennifer Fosberry. Illustrated by Mike Litwin

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The Pencil - WSCN PTV 2 (2019/2020)

Jack doesn't have a pencil for class, and his day takes a weird turn.

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She Loves Me Not - WSCN PTV 1 (2017/2018)

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The Chase

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How NOT to Store Passwords! - Computerphile

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