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COLOSSIANS: an introduction

This is a book about "putting off" and "putting on". What does that mean?

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There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick

Cute Easter story with repetitive text, can be sung as a song. Awesome for working with sequencing.

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Excellence in Education - February 2020

The Ladue School District honors Math Intervention teacher Kevin Andrews from Old Bonhomme Elementary, as their Excellence in Education award winner for February 2020.

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Oldest person living

Kane Tanaka is 116 years old. She keeps her brain active by playing Othello and doing maths, and participating in communal singing. Raises questions about quality and length of life.

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WH Ch 16 Sect 4

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Montage - JoshO ChristinaO

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Montage of the falling elderly

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The Life of a Old Football

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WSCN 02.09.17

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