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Dr. A. Michael Shaw offers words of Encouragement to Students and Parents.

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The 2 Trillion Dollar Debate | March 26, 2020

As lawmakers in the U.S. Congress debate a $2 trillion stimulus bill, today's show gives you a sense of what's in it. After that, we're looking at how consumers worldwide have impacted…

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First digital meeting with Ms. Deutsch 3/24/20

Feedback is the only way for us to learn and grow. We are here for you! God Bless, Ms. Deutsch

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Media Makers Show #1 - Marteana Davidson

Host Don Goble talks with his teaching partner of 15 years, Marteana Davidson. The Media Maker series begins with a check in for students, to offer support remotely while out of school, and promote…

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AAC Snack Time (Proloquo)

In this video, we review how to include AAC in your snack and/or meal time.

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Grade 4: Assignment #1 - Second Video (Being a Good Digital Citizen)

In this video, you’ll learn more about what you can do to be a good digital citizen. Visit to learn even more about improving communication…

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Tutorial for Classlink login from Laptop or Desktop Computer

Step by step instructions to login to Classlink from a personal laptop/desktop computer.

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