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Section 6-6

Graphing Linear Inequality Systems

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Section 6-5 day 1

Graphing Linear Inequalities (slope-intercept form)

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The Power of Stories

Think about your favorite stories for a second. What elements do they have? What format do they take? Why are they so satisfying? Storytelling is an art form that has been around since the beginning…

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Section 5-8

Absolute Value Graphs (translations)

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Section 5.3

Slope-Intercept Form

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8th Grade Lesson 4-5 Slope Intercept Form

This video introduces the slope-intercept form of an equation - how to write the equation from a given slope and y-intercept, from a graph, and from a table. It also addresses writing…

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24 Notes That Tap Deep Emotions. The Story of Taps - by Jari Villanueva

Thank you to Jari Villanueva for writing this article and for allowing the Whiting Community School to use it in our Veterans Day Program. Read by the Whiting band and choir students.

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8th Grade Lesson 4-4

Covers pages 113 - 116 in the GoMath book.

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