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300 days' wages gone in an instant. An enormous amount of money was wasted... or was it?

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There's a lot of swearing going on that Jesus doesn't like. What kind of "swearing" is this? Why is He so upset? Let's take a look and get you ready for your essay...

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Let's learn about the Passion Week that leads up to Resurrection Sunday. Day by day Jesus moved closer toward the cross and ultimately, His resurrection...

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Canada's Wild Rivers - 360 | Into Water

For best 360 viewing experience on a phone, watch in the YouTube mobile app. In the third installment of National Geographic’s “Into Water” 360 series, canoe through the…

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Ch.10 Little Pilgrim's Progress

Enjoy a story time reading from Little Pilgrim's Progress for Monday, March 16.

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I'm Farming and I Grow It (Sexy and I Know It Parody)

Watch all 17 of our parody music videos: Watch our entertaining non-music videos:…

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Visual Art at Norup

This video describes our art offerings at Norup International School. Course offerings include Art 6, Art 7/8, and Advanced Art 8 for those who are very serious about art.

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Largest collection of coprolites

George Frandsen (USA) has collected 1,277 coprolites - or dinosaur poo. How and why does he collect them, and what can they tell us about these creatures?

From  Guiness World Records on December 11th, 2019 0 likes 3 plays

Truth Talk: Passion

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