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VikingVisionNews 2-14-2020 #586

Emily and Jessie wish Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, in this last newscast before the February break, including information on how Seniors can nominate a GI Schools staff member, past or…

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How Books Are Made / Parts of a Book

How are books made? What are the different parts of a book? What happens once a book gets to a library? Find the answers to these questions in this instructional video designed for elementary…

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Adding Photos and Videos to iMovie

Watch this video to learn how to add photos and videos to your iMovie. You will use Quicktime for the video part only.

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WSCN 01.31.20

The WSCN Daily Update for Friday, January 31st, 2020. Warren G. Harding High School

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Are Parents Exploiting Their Kids on Social Media?

Many children growing up today will discover that their digital footprint began in utero and didn’t stop there. This phenomenon has come to be known as “sharenting”—when…

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Taos High School Yearbook Video 2019

A Marketing/Advertising Video for Taos High School Video

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Chris Van Dusen talks about hidden pictures

Chris talks about hidden pictures in If I Built a Car

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Largest collection of Wizarding World memorabilia

Victoria has the largest collection of Wizarding World memorabilia, spanning Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises. She has dyslexia, dispraxia and other disabilities, and her message…

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