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Videocast: D. 202 Talks with Dr. Lane Abrell, 12.04.2019

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lane Abrell discusses the complicated process of deciding to close school because of bad weather, and related issues including possibly starting late and…

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D. 202 Talks Videocast: Laura Weed, technology in the classroom

Laura Weed, District 202’s first Director of Digital Learning and Innovation discusses the district’s work to increase and improve effective, efficient use of technology in the classroom…

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Ina sings song 10162019.mp4

Ina Brixey, a former kindergarten teacher for District 202, sings a song to students at the new Ina Brixey Center on Wednesday, October 16, 2019.

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Inside the Classroom: Ira Jones Middle School, 10.01.2019

Eighth-grade students in Mr. Niwa's art class at Ira Jones Middle School make clay face masks. Once the clay dries they will use their creativity to paint a face onto the clay mask.

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Inside the Classroom: Timber Ridge Middle School

Peek inside Marianne Leahy’s Language Arts seventh grade honors classroom to experience student collaboration dissecting the book “Things Not Seen” by Andrew Clements. The book is…

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