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Yoga Class with T Sheena Week 4 partB

T. Sheena teaches two ways to do the frog pose to 2nd grade in our yoga residency. She reviews dog, cat, cow, lion and crow. Wow, We have learned a lot of animal poses!

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Drumming Lesson 11, Page 4

Drummers, please use this video to assist you in decoding and practicing Lesson 11, Page 4 for the lesson week beginning May 28th.

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ConVal Remote Learning Update May 15, 2020

Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Saunders provides a Remote Learning Update for the ConVal School District.

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Ave Maria - Recorder Lesson

Ave Maria - as I Kneel Recorder Lesson Low D, F#, G. A, B and high C

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Sight Word

Practice the words and let me know how many you master.

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Looking for dot patterns and then adding them.

we will look for the patterns in the dots to add them. We are going to try and not count them one by one.

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Sight Words with Tootsie

Practice your sight words and let me know which ones you get today. Keep practicing throughout the week and let me know how you are progressing.

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Using Study Island

This is a video of myself using Study Island. You can get to this app through Clever on O.Tesreau's page. I can assign math and reading tasks AND kids can practice what they want. You should be…

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