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4. (11-19-20) Newz 27 Walsh High School

Anchors: Brooke and T'Lisa (HS Halloween, Scavenger Hunt, Elem Halloween, Trunk or Treat, Pep Rally, Nov BDs, Weather byTeAnna, JH and HS FB).mp4

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3. (10-26-20) Newz 27 Walsh High School

Anchors: D'Neil and Kenzie P. (HC Activities, Oct BDs, Weather by Ghost Saul, JHFB and HSFB.

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2. (9-30-20) Newz 27 Walsh High School

Anchors: Paul and Saul (Challenge 2 (We Will Rock You), 1st Month of School, 4th Hr Videos, Sept BDs, Mr. Crawford Interview, Leathercraft, Snake found in hall, Weather by D'Neil

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Weather in a Bag

See the process of the water cycle.

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Equilibrium Notes Part 1

Mr. Brown introduces the concept of Equilibrium. Terms discussed: - Equilibrium - Rate of Forward Process = Rate of Reverse Process - Physical Equilibrium - Phase Equilibrium -…

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How to make a water cycles at home in 4 simple steps

Mrs Parker has created water cycle investigation you can do at home. There are step by step instructions that accompany this video.

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Week 3 Day 5 All Lessons

Instructions to follow along with for Week 3 Day 5 Reading, Writing, Math, and Science Lessons (W3D5RWMS)

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