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Quincy School Committee January 27, 2021 Part 1

In Part 1 of this meeting an update was given on the Covid-19 cases in Quincy and how things were coming along with distributing the Vaccine. Plans were also discussed about returning elementary…

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Quincy School Sub Committee Meeting, School Committee Meeting September 23, 2020

The Facilities, Transportation and Security Sub Committee met before the regular School Committee Meeting. Paul Hines Director of Public Buildings for the City of Quincy presented his update on the…

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New Superintendent Finalist Interview: Kevin Mulvey, J.D.

Q.P.S. Interim Superintendent Kevin Mulvey, J.D. had his final interview for the new Q.P.S. Superintendent position.

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Richard Jewell - 2004

Interview with Dr. Richard Jewell, principal 1969 - 1991. Conducted summer 2004.

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Lengthy - Logistics for parents/guardians

Addressing the following topics: attendance, grading, assignment work loads, tuition payments

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Why Join NAESP With Dr. Shanna Spickard

Longtime NAESP member Dr. Shanna Spickard, principal of Milan Middle School in Michigan, finds value in NAESP membership the same way she finds value in her car insurance. Plus, she's found a…

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National Principals Month Video 2019

Join us in celebration of our principals!

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2019 National Principals Month

A 2019 National Principals Month message from NAESP President David N. Wick.

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For The P

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