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Mr. O the History Pro - Marbury v. Madison

Video lecture on the Supreme Court case of Marbury v Madison and a modeling of a Junior High Supreme Court Case Project. Works Cited: Tereziu, Ertis. “Marbury v. Madison.”…

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Mr. O The History Pro - Judicial Branch

Video lecture on the Judicial Branch of the United States' Government. Made for a middle school audience in mind. Works Cited: Anderson, Nick. “Diversity on the Supreme Court.”…

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Team 48 - Robo GoPro (PTV 1 2019-2020)

Some footage of Team 48's Robot in action, up close and personal!

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Mr. Kenna's Big Adventure

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Beginners

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Final Cut Pro X Tutorials - File Compressor 3B

In this lesson we go over another way to render your file using Compressor, starting with why you might use compressor, how to send renders to compressor and add multiple render settings.

From  Paul Langhorst on September 24th, 2019 0 likes 2 plays

Final Cut Pro X Essentials - Audio 2F from Videomaker

In this lesson we talk about audio – everything audio, from using your meters to how you view your waveforms. Plus, we cover audio controls, leveling practices, audio keyframes and how to sync…

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