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First Grade Dance lesson for week of September 14, 2020

Let's learn about Hip-Hop and do an awesome Hip-Hop combination!!

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4/27/20 Art Time Preschool 3s

Join Mrs. Brittany as we make a pop out ladybug art project. You will need red,white, and black paper or white paper with paints or markers to color it, scissors, black marker, glue, a circle…

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‘You Are Special’

Enjoy the reading of ‘You are Special’

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math 5.11.4

5th Grade Math 5.11.4

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Roly Polies Came From the Sea to Conquer the Earth | Deep Look

Pill bugs. Doodle bugs. Potato bugs. Wood Shrimp. Whatever you call them, there’s something less creepy about these critters than other insects. Maybe it’s because they’re not…

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A love story

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