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School Committee April 7, 2021

The Superintendent presented an enrollment update which included the transition for all students to in-person learning, as well; the QPS pooled testing initiative. A presentation was also given on…

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QPS Special Education, Teaching, Learning Subcommittee march 31, 2021

There were a few presentations at this meeting. 9th grade students presented their Girl Scout Silver Award Project titled. There was a spotlight on Related Services in the Quincy Public Schools which…

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QPS Policy Subcommittee March 31, 2021

The Policy Subcommittee discussed calendar changes to the next school year, as well as; discussing School Committee meeting procedures.

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Quincy School Committee November 18, 2020 part 2

In the second part of the meeting there was a presentation on the Hybrid Model of teaching in the Quincy Public Schools.There was also a presentation on the QPS Fall 2020 Re-Entry survey taken by…

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QPS Healthy Initiatives 2017

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QPS Motor Skills Event February 2017

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QPS Digital Learning Video

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Quincy Planting Program PSA

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QPS Summer Institute 2013

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