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Just Right Words for Post Its Week of 5/25

Here I show students how to use specific feeling words for how the character is feeling

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Shared Reading- Andrew's Loose Tooth Day 1

Shared Reading- Andrew's Loose Tooth by Robert Munsch Think- Does it look right, sound right and make sense?

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Week 7 Day 2 Phonemic Awareness And Comprehension

Today you will practice your phonemic awareness games and sequence events of a special story by taking pictures for your brain!

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Characters Feelings Change and So Do Readers Voices Unit 4 Session 10

Readers expect a characters feelings to change across the story. When those feelings change, readers take action and change their reading voices to show feelings.

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The Dark by Robert Munsch Shared Reading Day 2

Share Reading- Day 2 Covered words - Story- The Dark by Robert Munsch Does it Look Right Sound Right Make Sense

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RW Unit 4 Session 8 - Share Lesson

RW- Readers use their voice and body to become the characters

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How to Remember Your Feelings as You Read Week of 5/18

You will need at least one post it for this lesson! We will practice writing different emotions on the post-it to look back and remember how we were feeling!

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RW Unit 4 Session 9 Readers Become the Character

Readers Workshop- Readers Become the Character. They show how the character is feeling with their voice

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Week of 5/11-5/15 (1st and 2nd Grade) Library Reading

Reading about Saint Rita and the last chapter of Amazing Animals! By Liza Charlesworth. Read by Mary Packard.

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