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FCAM Students 2020 Teacher Appreciation

FCAM Students showing their love and gratitude to their teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.

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Lip Sync 2020

The teachers of FHS wanted to spread a little joy and humor during this COVID-19 outbreak.

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MERE CHRISTIANITY: preparing for Thursday's test

You will be writing a Paper on Thursday based on what you are seeing on the next three videos.

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Fun Friday 04/272020

In this Fun Friday video, we are dancing. We will start off by stretching, showing some moves from the song then doing the moves to the music.

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Friendship #6 The Realities of Friendship

Friendships are not all this same. That is OK. But, there are some realities of friendship that you should be aware to make yourself a better friend.

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Calder/Miro Final Video 1 Joan Miro

Learn a bit about Joan Miro' and Alexander Calder's friendship. Then dive into the the artwork of Miro' in this short video. What artwork will you create that is inspired by the work…

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