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Math: Counting the letters in your name

How many letters are in your name? Materials needed Name card Number Cards Unifix Cubes

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The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish read by Miss Flude

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HS Biology - April 4th 2020,

HS biology lecture DNA double Helix Rosalind Franklin Women Scientist

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12-3: Units of Time

I can relate units of time: 1 minutes = 60 seconds, 1 hour = 60 minutes, 1 day = 24 hours, 1 week = 7 days, etc.

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Virus Wars

All cellular life, including you, is in an ancient and unending war with viruses. Watch how viruses attack cells and learn about RNA interference, one of the ways that cells fight back. Play the…

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What is DNA and How Does it Work?

Click this link to take a survey about this video: Support Stated Clearly on Patreon: Issues of genetics and DNA are…

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Handwriting Lesson/First Name

Practice writing your first name with uppercase and lowercase letters. Use the name cards that are in the bag. You can use crayons if you do not have a marker.

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HWM 8th Grade in Washington DC

Public Wreath Laying Ceremony at Arlington Cemetery. It was a very humbling and special morning.

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