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Meet the Author Page Unit 4 Session 18

Met the Author page- Students will see other author pages and see what is common on many author pages

From  MrsDiMercurio on June 7th, 2020 0 likes 9 plays

Henry and the Paper Route Chapter 4 Part 3 " The Paper Drive" and Chapter 5 Part 1 " Henry's New Neighbor"

Today we will see if Henry and his family are ever able to collect all of the newspapers for the school paper drive. We will also be starting chapter 5, "Henry's New Neighbor."

From  Pasadena2ndGrade on May 31st, 2020 1 likes 14 plays

Henry and the Paper Route Chapter 4 Part 2 " The Paper Drive"

Today we will find out if Henry and Beezus are able to collect all of the papers they need for the school's paper drive. Will Ramona let them use her wagon?

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Third Grade Morning Meeting 5/20

Read The Hollow Pie with me for worship today!

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Henry and the Paper Route Chapter 3 Part 2 "Henry's Advertisements"

Today we will see how Henry does on his paper route in chapter 3,"Henry's Advertisements."

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Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary Read Aloud Chapter 6 Part 1 Finders Keepers

Let's find out what happens to Henry and Ribsy as we start the first part of chapter 6 "Finders Keepers."

From  Pasadena2ndGrade on May 8th, 2020 1 likes 21 plays

Emily shares her Poem in her Pocket for today!

Emily Johnston has a Poem in Her Pocket!

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