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WSCN 02.18.20

The Daily Update for Tuesday, February 18th. Features a poem from Envy, a pancake breakfast commercial, and Mrs. Midgett ballroom dancing while she teaches!

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Feb. 10 2020 Vintage Forecast and Events for the week updated

Vintage Math, Science & Technology Magnet (Elementary) School's Jr. Meteorologists Club (the STORM Group) present the current school week weather forecast using Earthworks (formerly…

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Status Update 8.14

This show reviews some of the key school polices, provides information on the Robotics team, Written Art Magazine, applying for scholarships, and the DRHS Fine Arts program, and ends with a look at…

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Walking robot IEEE demo

This is a short demo showing that the 2-legged robot can walk forward successfully.

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Robotics: One Spill At A Time

STEM RESEARCH PROJECT. The Ascot Avenue Elementary Robotics team discusses the issues and repercussions of oil spills and how robotics has helped aid and alleviate them. Enjoy!

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Vintage 2019-20 VEX 91343-D Research

Vintage STEM Magnet VEX 91343-D researchers present, "Robots of the Deep - How machines help humans work under water."

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Vintage 2019-20 VEX 91343-B Research

Vintage STEM Magnet VEX Team 91343-B researched and presented what materials robots need to survive in harsh conditions.

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Vintage 2019-20 VEX Team 91343A Research Project

Vintage STEM Magnet's VEX Team 91343A researched and presented "Robots in Space."

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WSCN 11.04.19

The WSCN Daily Update for Monday, November 4th,2019. Features a Robotics Recap and How to Eat Your Cereal (PTV)

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