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The Rounding Song (InstrucaBeats Original) - Music Video

Help your students with rounding numbers with this reggae jam! Special thanks to Ms. Street. Please subscribe: https :// #rounding #teaching #elementary #education…

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EDM 1-3 Rounding

In this video you will learn how to do 4th grade rounding taught by Mrs.Parks.

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Rounding and Scientific Notation

This video is to help my students learn how to round numbers and write in scientific notation.

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8/20 - 6th Grade MathoUmding and

This is the recorded class session for 6th grade math on 8/20. We are learning how to estimate using rounding and front end estimation.

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Additional Math Explanation - 8/18

Class - This is an additional 10 minute explanation of some of the math concepts needed for your homework this evening.

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how to round to tens and hundreds

A quick demonstration that picks apart a rounding poem. You'll remember how to round to the nearest ten and hundred after watching this video!

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Lesson 8.9

Rounding to the nearest 100

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