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Time Trials to the Thousandths

Time trials of my son running, riding his scooter, and biking. Times are measured to the thousandths of a second.

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K-6 PE Tuesday, March 17

Tuesday, March 17 SAA K-6 PE Activity Log Challenge

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Inside the Classroom: Central Elementary School, 12.19.2019

Peek inside the Central Elementary School gymnasium as fourth graders learn how blood circulates through a body by going through a heart obstacle course.

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Club Promotion - Cross Country 2019 Coleman 2019

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No Shoes for You by Jim Whiting-- The Running Encyclopedia

Listen to the story of Billy Mills, a running champion like no other. You can also read the text here and also see a video of the final lap of Mills' record-setting race.

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The Chase

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the blue blob

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Running Thoughts - Masen Smith

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Miller Running Activity

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