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Learning Management System (LMS) Login Tutorial

In this screen shared tutorial, Mr. Brondyke walks you through how to get logged into the LMS, how to navigate the tools that are present within the system, and how to view course content, complete…

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Doctrine of Salvation Teaching

In this teaching, Mr. Brondyke discusses the doctrine of salvation and what the Bible says about being saved. Also, he discusses the role of each member of the triunity in salvation.

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COLOSSIANS: an introduction

This is a book about "putting off" and "putting on". What does that mean?

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Zaccheaus 1st-3rd grade

Please open your Bible to Luke 19:1-10 for today's lesson.

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ROMANS PART 1: an introduction and beginning outline

Paul writes this very powerful book that is often called "the ABCs of Christianity"

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