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Posting a Critique_ Discussion Board

How to post a critique to a discussion board on Schoology.

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Dissolved Oxygen

This video demonstrates the process you would use to determine Dissolved Oxygen levels in river water using a LaMotte kit 5860-01. Dissolved oxygen is an important parameter in determining the…

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WHMS Morning News June 5, 2020

IN this episode- - 8th graders, get your slide into your mod 1 teacher ASAP - Just For Fun is Kahooting on June 11th! - Gent's 7th grade Trivia winners - Landon's weather - PE and Health…

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Newsies - Once and For All- Scene #15Eliott

Eliott plays Jack in this anthem of revolution and change.

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How to use Jamboard

Using sticky notes on Jamboard :)

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WHMS Morning News May 29, 2020

This week's show includes: - Tech Corner, Who You Gonna Call? Steps to follow to get help - JFF meets on Thursdays *Just For Fun! - 8th graders Celebration information - ‘Last Song…

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Week 4 Social Studies Journaling Ideas for 5th Grade

We're sad we won't be able to hold a live session for this week's Social Studies lesson, but we've recorded a lesson for you! This week's theme is Belonging and Connection.

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