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Ruby Finds a Worry (Read Aloud and SEL Project)

Ruby Finds a Worry by Book by Tom Percival

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Scrible App Overview for SETDA TANK

Scrible is a new online app to help K12 students with project research and writing.

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"A Little Scribble Spot" by Diane Alber

In this read aloud, we see how we can become tangled up in our emotions. We also learn how to spot all of our different emotions. Please find the associated activity in our class on Microsoft TEAMS!…

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Part2Week2Con le

Instruction on how to read multisyllabic words and sentences with consonant +le

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Animated READ ALOUD of the Children's book, "I'm NOT just a Scribble..."

This is an amazing book to inspire creativity and teach kids about empathy and emotions! Snuggle up with us and let's read a story together "I'm NOT just a Scribble..." You can…

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Using Tinkercad

A tutorial on working in Tinkercad.

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