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Morning meeting with Mrs. Hatch Episode 1

Join me in a little version of our pond time (morning meeting). We will do the flag salute, hear a story, and do the ABC leader job, practicing sounds and finding hidden sight words.

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Seventh Vocabulary Sheet for Time for Andrew by Mary Downing Hahn

Read aloud of seventh vocabulary sheet for Time for Andrew

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4.22.2020 Counting 10 circles with Ms. Ibraheem

Ms. Ibraheem teaches students how to count and draw 10 circles.

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Downloading and Uploading Pages

The video outlines who to download your spread and upload your spreads when you are done working on them.

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1st Grade: Label 2/4 Meter through Conducting (Kodály Today)

conducting in duple meter. 2/4 time

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Learning about new shapes pentagon, hexagon and octagon

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