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Mrs.King Can I Be Your Dog?F85E4B78-25E3-42F2-8ADD-274475976240

Arfy writes convincing letters trying to find himself an owner.Listen to find out if his pleas worked! Does Arfy find an owner?

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The Littlest Valentine

Story Time and Journal Activity Elliotte's favorite book.

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The Step song for 1 hour by Second Step Second step owns the song Is the video I used to duplicate to 1 hour for this video Thanks for all the support and if you…

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Sidway Teachers Read Aloud VID_20200317_182333276 (1)

Mrs. MacDonell Read Aloud The Nuts, Bedtime at the Nut House written by Eric Litwin

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The Little Shop of Monsters - read by Finn

This story is written by R.L. Stine and is about going to pick out your very own monster.

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Number Stories Day 5

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Story of the Teddy Bear

This is the story about how Theodore Roosevelt inspired the creation of the "teddy bear". Created for an elementary school classroom.

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Digraph /sh/ Sound - Phonics by TurtleDiary

A great video for kids to learn the pronunciation and sound of consonant digraph - sh, and words that contain it. Kids will understand the effect of digraphs on the pronunciation of a word.

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