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WHMS Morning News June 4, 2021

In this episode, - Library Corner and Book Trailer - reminder to turn in ELA books - NJHS Induction ceremony information - Schedule change next week (no school Monday) - Special Guest, HMS…

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3 Lessons I Learned

In multimedia sports our ending project was to make a video about what you learned. I had a hard time choosing between all of the options, but I narrowed it down into a 60 second video. I hope you…

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Why I Matter

Why I Matter is a funny take on why I matter.

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Mehlville Media - 2021 Spring Sports Broadcast

For more coverage, visit us online at

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I Lost My Phone 6 Shot 6 word Story

For this project we had to make up a story only using 6 shots and only 6 words. We had freedom to pick whatever story we wanted. I created a 30 second story about a kid who lost his phone! This was a…

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April 7, 2021 Morning Announcements

Student Body President & Vice-President, Joya & Elle, co-host the Morning Announcements. Mr. Martinez shows a COVID testing video with Rocket the Safety Dog. Elle shares her weekly segment,…

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In class today my teacher Mr.Goble assigned us to film a video of a close-up shot of the hands, a face close up, a wide shot, an over-shoulder shot, an alternative shot, and an interview shot. In…

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5 Shot Sequence, Office Accountant with Z

This video uses a 5 shot sequence method to show the main character Zyh'hee Britton working in an office taking calls. This was shot in Ladue high school on February 20, 2021. I chose this topic…

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5-Shot Sequence

This project was a sequence of 5 different shots of Julia using some of the technology in the TV studio!

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