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Media Makers show #17- Antonio Zapian Luna

Ladue alum Antonio Zapiain Luna is a filmmaker, photographer and animator, based in Los Angeles, California. Antonio graduated from DePaul University in Chicago, majoring in Cinema Production. In…

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Field Trip with David

Have fun learning about helicopters with Mr. Anderson!

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Sondays 132

Miss VanDurand is teaching phonics lesson 132. It is meant for Tuesday, April 7th.

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Week 3 Math Video

This 26 min video offers help on several of the math pages included in this week's packet.

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1 player addition sock math game

This game can be played up to 20, 50, or 100 depending on skill level. Kids can also use a 100 chart if it helps them. Have fun!!!

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Lessons for iMovie: Creating a Trailer

In this episode, Steve from demonstrates how to create a trailer using iMovie's Trailer Templates.

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First Grade Music: The French Horn and Timpani

French Horn & Timpani: The Wolf and Hunters in Peter and the Wolf

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TV studio- video reflection. I reflect on how it was to rotate around the TV studio.

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WSCN 01.15.20

The WSCN Daily Update for Wednesday, January 15th, 2020. Warren G. Harding High School. Features all of the intro shots from the semester two WSCN Students.

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Media Project Workflow Webinar

Learn tips on managing media projects from SchoolTube University and Don Goble. Sponsored by PADCASTER.

From  Paul Langhorst on December 16th, 2019 0 likes 131 plays

Beginners Guide to Video Production: Better Smartphone Videos

Get better video with your smartphone! Learn to utilize framing, stabilization, exposure & focus, lighting, audio and accessories to maximize the potential in your pocket.

From  Paul Langhorst on September 24th, 2019 1 likes 300 plays

Beginners Guide to Video Production - Body Transitions

Ditch your preset transitions and learn to combine shooting and post production techniques to create dynamic body wipes to stylize your next project.

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Beginners Guide to Video Production: The 180-Degree Rule

The 180-degree rule ensures that your scenes will cut together well. Learn the principles of the rule, and how to use different techniques to keep continuity in in your scene.

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