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Vocal Technique: Overview

Learn the basics of Posture, Breathing and Vowel Production.

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15 minute Morning Yoga Stretch Out & Wake Up | Sarah Beth Yoga

Stretch out your full body & WAKE UP with this 15 minute morning yoga routine. Begin in standing and set your breath then work through a couple variations of Sun A before deeply stretching your…

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Mary Anne Stretching song

Stretching song to the tune of Mary Anne. Follow along as you stretch your bodies-it’s a great brain break!

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Rainbow Yoga 🌈 Yoga For All Ages! 🌈 Yoga With Adriene

Rainbow Yoga! The perfect 17-minute practice to brighten your day, to help turn darkness into light. Great for ALL AGES! Breathe deep, create a healthy flow of energy in the spine, and let go of…

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Ms. Kristy’s Exercise Video 1

I will be making an exercise video every day while we are doing online learning. I will focus on stretches and basic yoga to increase flexibility and strength. Let’s get moving and have some…

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PE with Coach Wood Day 4: CrossFit

Lets get ready for day 4!! Get that water ready because you are going to need it!!! If you want to see how fast you can do each part, then just pause the video and time yourself!!! Post pictures of…

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Melting - Flow | GoNoodle - Social Emotional Learning

Practice melting away that icky frozen feeling you get when you're scared, frustrated, or angry. Create a free account on now and find hundreds of ways to move! -- …

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WCMS Sun Breath

WCMS Sun Breath - Mindful Mondays

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Chip on Their Shoulder

Max and Moon are at the movies. Max is angry because he was supposed to play basketball, but his friend Jack invited boys from the school’s basketball team. Max fumes because these other boys…

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Wait, the Earth revolves around the SUN? Yes, but before Galileo, no one believed that!

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