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I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean

Giant squid learns he's not the biggest thing in the ocean.

From  BridgetKlingler on May 5th, 2020 0 likes 13 plays

Heggerty: Week 6- Wednesday

Miss Stitz is teaching a Heggerty Phonemic Awareness lesson for Wednesday, week six.

From  firstgrade_fritz on May 4th, 2020 0 likes 0 plays

Writing- Jellyfish Food

Content writing lesson about turning research notes into a written product on topic of Jellyfish food, how they find food and how they ingest food.

From  kel88cap on April 15th, 2020 0 likes 0 plays

Roly Polies Came From the Sea to Conquer the Earth | Deep Look

Pill bugs. Doodle bugs. Potato bugs. Wood Shrimp. Whatever you call them, there’s something less creepy about these critters than other insects. Maybe it’s because they’re not…

From  MsDeborah on March 22nd, 2020 0 likes 0 plays

BBC David Attenboroughs Trials Of Life 07 of 12 Living Together 1990

Trials of Life Living Together Symbiotic relationships

From  iteach7th on February 25th, 2020 0 likes 287 plays