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Jonah's ladder drills

Jonah's ladder drills for helping speed and agility.

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Baseball Dance

Take away the ball, the equipment and the aspect of winning, and the movement of sports lands in the territory of dance. The baseball dance helps students look at the questions around sports and…

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Chats with Charles 4/27

Online Editor-in-Chief Hunt Deison talks to Head of Upper School Charles Beamer about cleaning out lockers and graduation.

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Cupid Shuffle Line Dance Video Recording - Thu Apr 23 2020 12:04:04 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Students will learn the steps to the Cupid Shuffle line dance and increase their coordination, spacial awareness and rhymic movements

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Uses of the Verb Faire

Faire Verb Practice @AGREENMOUSE1 - Je fais + doing and making things. Il fait + the weather. Je fais la sieste, je fais la tête, je fais des bêtises ... Que fais-tu? Quel temps fait-il?…

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Step into Action

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The St. John shuffle episode 5

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Harlem Shuffle: Bush Yearbook Edition

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The St. John shuffle episode 5

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