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我们要吃苹果 read aloud

FACTS students, please read along with this read aloud text.

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9.1 Lesson

Introducing summation notation and other types of sequences/series that are not arithmetic or geometric.

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Little group with Miss Austin. Box 2.

Little group stage one. What's inside the box? Second video.

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Escritura_Viernes_24 de Abril del 2020.

Acompananos ha escribir una historia en secuencia del Libro "La Oruga muy Hambrienta"

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Music Cat song and patterns

Music Cat! Sing my patterns and then make up your own kitty cat song!

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alg2 8-1 B explicit vs recursive and sigma notation

Intro to sequences, recursive and explicit formulas, summation and sigma notation.

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Wemberly Worried - Read Along w Words, Music & EFX

Support the author by purchasing the book here: Read along with Kevin Henkes' words on screen. His classic tale about overcoming fear and worry read aloud by Kelley…

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Sigma Review

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King Tut

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