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Main and Secondary Characters in Realistic Fiction

Learn how secondary characters usually teach the main character a lesson - sometimes on purpose, sometimes by coincidence.

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The Can Man - read aloud

The Can Man, by Laura Williams, illustrated by Craig Orback. Make sure you have pencil and paper to stop and jot during the book!

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Writers Write in Different Ways (Letter to David) Week of 5/18

Here we practice writing a letter to be convincing! Please make sure that you have a piece of Kindergarten Writing Paper that is set up vertically so it is easier to write the letter in the proper…

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Writers Need to Write A Lot of Reasons! Week of 5/11

Make sure you have your writing from last week before you watch this video!

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Writer Write to Make the World a Better Place Week of 5/4

Please watch David Gets in Trouble before you watch this video.

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Mrs O'Connor reading "I am Having an Excellent Day"

I Am Having an Excellent Day written by Guy Gilchrist. This is a great book to help us think about looking at things positively. Things don't always go they way we think they should and if we…

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